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Skyline Grille Gillette WY


  Lexi and I decided to go to Skyline Grille to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary last week.  We were extremely pleased with our decision and will be returning again to enjoy more great food and service. 


Located at 469 S Hwy 50, Skyline Grille offers a modern cuisine unlike anyone else in Gillette.  The different combinations and fancy sauces, cheeses, etc., left us questioning if we were still in Gillette Wyoming!  We are regulars at the sushi night each month at Skyline, but hadn't been to try their regular menu items.

Lexi had the lobster carbonara which was a creamy sauce with mushrooms, preschutto, and tons of fresh lobster tail and claw meat.  I had a seafood pasta that was also absolutely fantastic.  So often you end up with all sauce and noodles and barely any seafood in most restaurants, this was quite the opposite!  There were scallops, clams, muscles, lobster, shrimp, crab, and fish in a very good sauce mixed in with some very tasty pasta. 

Our appetizer and dinner selections were fabulous and were only outdone by the chocolate cake we splurged on for desert!  It was a 3 layer chocolate cake with a dab of real whipped cream and a cocoa sauce that left you wanting more.  Pair all this up with the great bottle of wine we had, and this was a meal experience to remember!

We would recommend Skyline Grille to anyone looking for a fun modern menu with a great smoke-free atmosphere and friendly service!

Sushi in Gillette WY!?!


Lexi & I are both avid sushi fans.  While I tend to be a bit more adventurous, she is coming around to trying new and different things.  One of the biggest obstacles in our passion for this delicacy is our proximity to the ocean. It used to be we would have to wait until a trip to Denver ( over 5 hours away)  to find a high-quality sushi dinner.  Though Colorado is no closer to the ocean, Denver is a big city with many sushi options!

Our favorite sushi restaurant is by far the Sushi Den.  For those of you who haven't been to or heard of Sushi Den, it is a first class sushi restaurant from the service to the atmosphere to the food.  Some online reviews say that Sushi Den can rival any sushi restaurant in the country. We also have had good experiences at a Casper Wyoming sushi/thai  restaurant called Dsasumo.  However, Casper is still a two-hour drive from our Northeastern Wyoming town of Gillette

We now have a new option for quality sushi right here in Gillette!  The Skyline Grille opened about a year ago as a modern steak and seafood restaurant.  We had only been there one time for dinner, and were very pleased with   Our meals.  A few months ago Skyline begin posting a monthly sushi night.  They fly in fresh fish from Honolulu and offer quite a few different options.  The first few months the race was a bit sweet and had a creamy texture to it.  The chefs have been very open to suggestions and have the since corrected the problem.  The fish has been awesome since day one. 

If you have sushi recommendations from your neck of the woods, we'd love to hear them!


MAKE IT a Great day!

Lexi & Jordan Ostlund

RE/MAX Professionals; Gillette, WY