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Edward Jones Gillette WY


Edward Jones Gillette WY

Whenever we have a positive experience with a local business or individual we like to make sure and share it with others.  This has absolutely been the case over the past 3+ years we have been working with Gary Kramer of Edward Jones here in Gillette. 

We first met Gary at a free class he was offering on the basics of investing for retirement.  As self employed individuals, we don't have an employer offered 401k or any other sort of retirement plan.  We are on our own in this arena!  So when we saw the ad in the newspaper, we jumped at the opportunity to start learning how we would retire someday.

During the class we learned the basics of investing for retirement and the different stages at which people begin their retirement planning.  We never felt as though we were being sold products or pushed toward certain ideas or philosophies of investing.  We really felt like we were being educated on different strategies that would fit our personal investing philosophy and comfort level. 

After the class we knew it was time to get to work on our retirement planning.  We did not immediately go straight to Gary, but rather checked around with several other financial advisors and asked a lot of questions about what they could offer us.  In the end Gary was willing to take the time to explain and breakdown our questions in a way that we could understand. 

Our first official appointment with Gary we conducted a thorough analysis of where we were at with our finances, where we were heading, where we wanted to be someday, and how we would get there.  We are planners by nature, and when we left that office we had a plan! 

Over the past few years we have met with Gary at least once per year to update our plan, and discuss strategies for achieving our ultimate goal.  He continues to educate us and make sure we are investing within our comfort level.  We feel we can truly trust him and that he always keeps our best interest at heart. 

Along with retirement investing, Edward Jones offers all kinds of general investments, life insurance, college savings plans, and many other services.  We are in no way affiliated with the Edward Jones company or Gary Kramer.  We are not benefiting from this post financially.  We have simply had a great experience with a professional in our community and have chosen to share!