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What is a QR Code?


If you are like us you have noticed these funny black and white square barcodes that have been poppig up all over magazines, business cards, and print advertising.  Upon further investigation we have found these little concoctions of black and white shapes and dots to be incredibly useful and technologically baffling at the same time. 

QR codes can be used in conjunction with your smart phone.  Simply search and download a free ap for QR code scanning.  When you open the ap it will look as though you are taking a picture with your phone's camera.  Center this barcode on the screen and snap the picture.  Your phone will recognize the code and take you to the web site associated with the barcode.  Don't ask us how it works, but it does!

These codes can be created for free at a number of different web sites, but we found to be the quickest and easiest.  We created the code to the right for our web site and will begin to use it in our print marketing and on the back of business cards, etc. 

Technology is moving so fast and we are doing our best to keep up.  Eventually these symbols will be everywhere.  We are thinking about including them on our signs so people out looking at homes can link directly to a virtual tour or more information about that particular home.  The possibilities seem endless!