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The Home Buying Process


The Home Buying Process

Purchasing a home can be an unnerving experience for an unprepared buyer. However, with the right preparation the home buying process can be very enjoyable; not to mention one of the smartest long term investments you can make! We have developed a "Home Buyer's Organizer" that we give to each of our Buyers in order to help them stay on track, informed, and up to date through the entire transaction. We pride ourselves on our communication before, during, and after the transaction. When everyone is communicating no one is left in the dark, and no unexpected surprises jeopardize the transaction.


The Home Buying Path

  • The first step we recommend when starting the home buying process is to speak with a reputable lender to start the pre-qualification process. We have a list of lenders in our community for anyone who may be looking for a recommendation. Pre-qualification is beneficial in a number of ways.

1) It gives you first hand knowledge of the types of mortgages available and allows you to figure out what type of mortgage will best fit your financial needs.

2) It allows you to choose a loan amount you are comfortable with as well as know exactly what price range of homes you can afford.

3) It allows you to readily make an offer once you find the home you want and not risk losing the home to another buyer while you get your financial paperwork in order.

4) Pre-qualification also strengthens your position when making an offer on a home. Sellers are often more likely to accept an offer from a pre-approved buyer.

 The pre-approval process is quick and easy and can mean the difference between getting the home you want and missing out on a great deal! While speaking with a lender is the best way to know exactly what you can afford, the calculators on the right can provide you with some estimates.


  • Once you have been pre-qualified with a lender, the fun begins! We will gather some information from you about your desired amenities in your new home (number of bedrooms/bathrooms, neighborhood preference, desired square footage, etc.). We will then present you with all of the listings that match your criteria and let you decide which homes you would like to go see.


  • Once you find the right home for you, we will help you negotiate with the sellers until we reach an agreement on all the terms of the contract.


  • Next we will help you hire a professional home inspector to inspect the home thoroughly.

1) After the inspection is complete, we will help you negotiate any repairs you want the sellers to take care of prior to closing.


  • We will keep monitoring the contract details and keep you informed about items including the title insurance, appraisal, any contingency clauses, etc.


  • Then what you've been waiting for, it's time to CLOSE on your new home!