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Why were Bill Gates & Warren Buffett in Gillette Wyoming?


Gillette is a small northeast Wyoming town with about 30,000 residents.  We have a tight knit community with lots of open spaces.  So when a fleet of Burlington Northern private jets as well as a private jet that could rival the size of any commercial airline that flies out of here... people are going to talk.

So what the heck were Bill Gates and Warren Buffett doing in Gillette Wyoming?  Mr. Gates declined interview with our local newspaper but there has been plenty of speculation as to just what can bring two of the world's richest men here.

Rumor has it that Gates toured a local coal mine (the largest coal reserves in North America surround Gillette).  We are hoping he will be investing some serious money in clean coal technology which would help out our area tremendously.  In the November 11 issue of Rolling Stone magazine Bill Gates gives an interview on his vision for our energy future.

Whatever the reason for the visit it has created a buzz around town that has given this community something to talk about.  Hopefully all of the talk and speculation will lead to the things down the road!